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I have always been interested in supporting families during pregnancy and birth.  I enjoy serving families of all types and configurations.  I have a client-centred practice and aim to meet people where they are in life.  I pride myself on creating a sense of calm, stable and dependable support for you and your family. 

After having 3 children, I was strongly compelled to follow my dream. While successfully running a home daycare, I began my certification with Doula Training Canada as a Birth Doula. Furthering my desire to provide holistic support for families, I continued my training with Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss as well as Belly Binding – an ancient way of wrapping the postpartum mother’s abdomen as an effective and important part of recovery from childbirth. I furthered my training, with Doula Training Canada, to also care for mother's after birth as a Postpartum Doula. I have since become the Public Relations Officer with Doula Canada, helping to grow the doula community in Canada and helping to bring awareness of doulas to the expecting and new families. I also sit on the board of the Nova Scotia Doula Association 

I provide stable, dependable and supportive doula support in Halifax and surrounding areas, helping the birthing person and their partner or family as they go through the birth process. I will support you and your partner and help you get the most from your birth experience by uplifting, validating, encouraging, and providing a continuous presence.

I am  a partner and a mother to three, wonderfully unique children in the Halifax, Nova Scotia area. Coming from Newfoundland, I love to be near the water, spending time with my family and eating great food!

I can also be found on www.doulamatch.net

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