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"Shandelle became one of my primary sources of strength and support toward the end of my pregnancy, available at all hours to tirelessly answer my questions, provide information, calm my fears, and listen to my frustrations. She was a constant source of support during my labour and birth, which went almost exactly as we had hoped and planned. (It’s no coincidence that at the most painful and difficult time in my labour I called out to Shandelle for help, rather than to the medical staff or my own partner!) Postpartum, she was like a ray of sunshine on some of my darker (and more sleep deprived) days. I cannot thank Shandelle enough - she was a positive and supportive force in my life at such a beautiful, challenging, amazing and vulnerable time. I feel forever bonded to her by the birth of my daughter.  I would never consider going through another pregnancy and birth without Shandelle by my side!"

"Whatever you decide, I hope you look back a year from now and feel listened to, empowered, and satisfied with your choices.  You are the mama, you get to choose."

                    - Gail Tulley 

Blossom and Birth Doula Services- Exceptional Support with a tender approach

Proudly providing families with labor support in Halifax and area.

Blossom and Birth Doula in Halifax, Bedford, Dartmouth and surrounding areas is where you can find exceptional emotional, educational and physical doula support as you go through your childbirth journey. 

Growing your family, or maybe helping another family grow theirs, is one of the most exciting times in your life. I will assist you with preparing for the big day and what is in store for you first year after. 

Labor Doula Service in Halifax includes visits with you during pregnancy, during the labor and birth and after, to get you started on a solid base after baby is born. 

Postpartum Doula Services include helping you and your family adjust to life with the new addition, helping you get some extra sleep and I will even do light housework.